Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy Birthday, America!

For all Americans - get out your copy of the Constitution and read it. Believe it. Love it. And let's get rid of the buffoons who've weaseled their way into office, pledging to support and defend this beloved document, and then totally chucking it and betraying those who voted for them.

You say you don't have a copy? Yes, you do. You are online right now. So go find it.


Annalisa201 said...

:) So totally agree! Good luck though!

Hanlie said...

Better yet, boot Big Business out of politics!

Freedom is never free from responsibility. Happy 4th of July!

Anonymous said...

I am behind you 100%, friend!!

GOD Bless America!!!!!!!!!!

Holiday Hugs,

Diana said...

:) Great message!