Friday, September 28, 2007

Beating PMS

Well, following the advice I listed, I have noticed some differences from last month. Yesterday morning, I was running my son around on errands and started feeling crampy. So once we got home I loaded up on fresh fruits and some almonds. I also had some yogurt. Not feeling great the rest of the day, but not nearly as bad as I did last month. And this morning, I had a gain of .6lb where last month at this time, I'd gained THREE pounds. Woot!

Doing my weight lifting workout this morning after sitting outside for a bit to soak up some Vitamin D. :-D


Ann said...

Thanks for the's always nice to hear from fellow weight - losers! not to mention homeschoolers. Great info about the PMS. I usually don't suffer too much anymore, but there are times when it gets bad and I need a little help, so I'll keep this info handy.
Keep up the good work!

Heather said...

yogurt always helps the bloat, and drinking lots of water. since I increaesed my water intake I noticed that I was less bloated that time of the month. Glad that everything worked for you.