Friday, September 21, 2007

Friday, Sept 21

Today's weight - 200.4 I weighed myself last night and I was 201.4, the lowest I've ever been at night, so I was SURE I was gonna hit ONDERLAND today. Pooh. I loved the Abs Diet workout I did yesterday with weights, but oh, my thighs are SCREAMING! I'm going to use lighter weights until my body adjusts. We even went for ballroom dance last night. Not sure who was in more pain, me or my husband with the arthritic hip, but we did have fun. Tango and Cha-Cha this month! :-)

Great info for today from the Abs Diet for Women book by David Zinczenko.

In all honesty, I hated to even call this book a "diet" book. That's because the word diet has been twisted around to mean something you follow temporarily - you "go on" a diet, you eventually have to "go off" it. And that's why most diets are really, really bad for you.

Most diets are about eating less food or about restricting you to certain kinds of food. Most of them work in the short term because if you reduce your calorie intake, your body starts to burn itself off in order to keep itself alive. Presto, you lose weight. But here's the problem: The first thing your body does when it's short of calories is to dump the body tissue that takes the most calories to maintain.

That's muscle. So on a low-calorie diet, your body burns away muscle and tries to store fat. Sure, you'll lose weight, and you'll eventually start losing fat as well. But when you "go off" your diet, you'll start to put weight back on. And guess what kind of weight you'll gain? Pure fat. Because you've taught your body a harsh lesson: It has to be on the lookout for potential low-calorie periods in the future, so it had better store fat just in case. You've also used up valuable calorie-burning muscle, so you're likely to end up fatter than you were before your diet. That's why people who try diet after diet not only don't lose weight but also gain it.

The Abs Diet isn't a shotgun, irresponsible approach to weight management. Oh, you'll lose weight, and you'll lose it fast. But you'll lose fat, not muscle. And you'll keep that weight off for life. You'll follow the tenets of the Abs Diet for life, too, because it's about eating lots and lots of great food in smart ways. So enjoy the Abs Diet. But let's keep that little four-letter word between us, okay?"

So doesn't this sound like a sensible plan? The Eating Guide and now the book for women is the best money I've ever spent. Total - $26 for both!


Jennifer said...

It does sound really great and it confirms what I've always thought about diets. I usually refuse to go on them, and the times that I've given into the temptation to lose weight fast by going on a diet, I've gained all the weight back with an additional 20 pounds just for giggles. :-P Not doing that anymore.

Mel said...

I have confidence that you will be in onederland really soon! I am glad that you enjoy your new book and that it is working for you. I can't wait to see how well you do on the new challenge. Hopefully we will be big losers together!!

Donetta said...

You are so close ! Keep up the good work. Strengthening is so important too. more than just the numbers.

Old Fashioned Girl said...

Thanks for visiting my Blog. It's great to read that you've found what works for you.