Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Last Tuesday Weigh In - NEW CHALLENGE

OK, still at 201.0 this morning. So my total lost for the May Day Weight Loss Challenge is a whopping 8 pounds. Before I went to my folks', walking on the treadmill with varying intensity was really working for me, so I will continue that. I will also continue the eating guide from the Abs Diet. I never feel hungry and it's tasty food. He gives grocery lists, recipes and recommendations for restaurant eating. Just bought the Abs Diet for Women today and need to get another copy of the Abs Diet Eating Right Every Time Guide since I gave my copy to my dad. :-D

With the new challenge, Look Great in 2008, I plan to kick it up a notch and lose the entire 46 pounds I have to go to my goal weight. I want to be in a size 12 by my husband's company's next gala (held in February or March.)

I'll consider this photo of me and my husband as my before photo for the new Look Great in 2008 Challenge!

To see the post on my whole journey, go read
this post.


ValleyGirl said...

I haven't been brave enough to post a 'before' picture. Maybe once there's a good 'after' one...


Jennifer said...

A new challenge, eh? Hmm, I'll think about getting in on that one.

Pounds started melting off me as soon as I finished the 3-Day. I was down to 198 this morning, and I pulled out an old pair of size 14 jeans I had in my drawer this morning, and they fit! This is soooo much fun! Funner than nachos and pizza any day. ;-)

This also confirms my theory that somehow my body knew I had a big endurance thing coming up and it was holding onto every single pound, because for 3 months before the walk I couldn't lose any weight, but now the scale is on the move again.

(Sorry to take up space on your blog talking about myself. It's cause I miss blogging, I guess.)

Crooked Eyebrow said...

You two are a cute couple!

Good luck!

Once Upon A Dieter said...

Wow. You carry weight really, really well. It's hard to tell from that that you weigh what you do. Seriously. You're well-proportioned and look much slimmer than the stated weight.

Yes. We can do this. LET'S DO IT FOR...for...oh, not the gipper...for our health and for those who love us. :D

The Princess Dieter(Mir)

Mama Bear June said...

All right, Jennifer, what's up? Am I no longer invited to read your blog??? :-( Congratulations on reaching ONDERLAND! I'm not surprised the pounds are melting off after your major walk. Loved reading your blog on the events of that weekend. So proud of you!

Princess, I'm 5'11" so I can stretch out that weight over my tall frame, but I really prefer weighing 155! :-D

Lisa Kay said...

You're so close to ONE-derland. I'm sure you'll hit it this month!

Best wishes and I look forward to reading more about your journey.

EllieMae said...

Cute pic!! Good luck on the new challenge! You can so do it!!!!!!

Melonie said...

Just wanted to pop by and say THANKS for taking the time to visit my blog these past few weeks and even more so for your encouraging comments. Your hubby's comment cracked me up; my husband has lost 11 pounds since we moved. Then again, he goes to work early every day so he can hit the gym. *sigh* I say we pinch them both. ;-)

Also agree with Princess, I was thinking there was no way (based on your pic) that you weighed what you posted.

I'll be trying to visit again soon - thanks again for taking the time to be so encouraging. Best of luck to ya on the new challenge!

Kellie said...

You look fabulous! Are you sure your scales aren't broken, MBJ? Congrats to you on the 8 pounds and I'm sure you'll get into that size 12 in plenty of time!

Thanks for the heads up on the Puss in Boots book, btw. I will likely be picking that up in the near future! :)

Betty said...

Thanks for the encouragement! To answer your question, they are code names... I just couldn't bring myself to announce my weight on my REAL blog that the friends and family read! Good luck to you on the challenge - you can do it!!

Mimi's Toes said...

Thanks for visiting today...you look great and keep up the good work...we are all in this together...see you at the scale next week.

My Wonderful Men... said...

Thanks for coming by my blog and cheering me on. I've been stressed and you know that can make it hard to do what your suppose to do. But that is why I'm going to try and take this challenge.
You look great! Good luck on the challenge.

Teale said...

You all ready look great:) I'm excited about the challenge too though, can't wait to get those pounds off!