Tuesday, May 8, 2007

The Challenge - 209 Starting Weight

I'm moving the original post from my family blog into this one so I can track my history!

I consider this one of the worst pics of me ever. It was the 2005 gala put on by my hubby's company. I think it was this picture that made me get serious about weight loss. :-P (I've changed the photos from the original post)

I'm joining the May Day Weight Loss Challenge put out by Tales from the Scales.

I would like to lose 53 pounds. I am 5'11" so it's easy to disguise the extra pounds, but I don't want to hide them, I want to obliterate them. :-)

Several years ago I went vegetarian and completely cut out coffee and coke and started drinking lots of water. My skin cleared up, I lost a ton of weight and probably looked the best I ever did as an adult. Then with some stressful stuff in our family, I put on more and more pounds. I finally started exercising regularly again and eating more healthy foods. So far I've lost 22 pounds and 3 sizes, but have hit a plateau lately. (Starting weight for challenge in May '07 - 209.) Weakness: chocolate. (I am FEMALE, after all!) ;-)

Here's a photo of us at the 2007 gala. (The James Bond theme was lots of fun.)

Special challenge - I have two UNDERweight teenagers who need high fat, high cal stuff. One of them has a serious medical condition, so he HAS to have the fattening stuff. So it's not like I can clear all of the cupboards of all sweet, fattening stuff.

My husband just started cutting out snacks and is doing portion control. Has a bad hip so he never exercises. The pounds are just MELTING off of him. Since September he's lost SIXTY TWO POUNDS! (He went to the doctor this week and it was the first time he'd been weighed in almost a year.) I hate him. OK, not really, but why can men do that so easily? I have been working out pretty regularly for the last two years and have only lost 22! It's not fair!

Other things I will be doing - treadmill at least 3 times a week. Bodyflex workout 2-3 times a week. I've also ordered Shapely Secrets since the Gym Bar from Greer works VERY well in taking off inches! Keep moving!!

OK, I keep adding more stuff as I think about it. This week being at the hospital I will take the stairs up to our room on the 4th floor, use my gym bar and every morning take a brisk walk to Starbucks to get a nonfat latte. I brought lots of 100 calorie snack packs and will get the healthy meals at the cafeteria. (I don't count points, but they do post those on the stuff in the fridges.)


Liz said...

I hate your husband too!

It was my son's wedding 3 weeks ago and in the four weeks up to that, in order to be able to get in my dress, I was very careful about what I ate - and I didn't lose a pound. Now I am being careless and the pounds just pile on: is that fair?!

Jan B said...

Men always lose weight faster than women. It's their muscle mass. It burns it off. Don't you just hate it though! My husband is the same way. He can eat anything and still weigh less than me. It is discouraging.