Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Tips for turning on the metabolism

Here are some of my favorite ideas from "Flip the Switch" by Robert Cooper.

Drinking ice water: it can be confusing when different people say opposite things for weight loss. One book I read said ice water slows down digestion. Cooper says it makes your body burn more calories. I've been doing better since drinking the ice water.

Getting lots of oxygen: we tend to breathe too shallowly. Breathing deeply can also kickstart metabolism.

Keep moving: avoid the sedentary life. If you are watching TV, go do the stairs at every commercial. Get an exercise ball and sit on that while watching TV or movies. There are lots of exercises you can do while sitting on that and rolling around.

Getting plenty of light: putting on plenty of lights when you get up in the morning and getting a few minutes of sunshine is also a good way to get your metabolism going.

The book also has some great recipes.

OH - and take your measurements. If you are working out regularly, you could be losing inches, but the scale might not budge if you are gaining muscle.

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Sally said...

You've got some great tips here--and some of them I already knew. If I'd just do them . . . Grr!