Friday, May 18, 2007

New digital scale

I picked up a VERY cool digital scale today at Walmart. You can have 4 different users programmed in and it keeps the weight in the memory and your goal weight. It also measures body fat and hydration. I'm excited to report that the scale I was using was almost 2 pounds heavy! Woot! Not so exciting - my body fat is way higher than the little ticker shows it. :-P That's OK, I've been very good with my eating the past couple of days and I'm working out quite a bit. Started the Shapely Secrets 7 minute workout, did some exercises on the shaper ball and did 20 minutes on the bicycle today. Wrote down my goals in my little SS book and recorded starting measurements, weight and dress size.


~Jennifer said...

Last night I dreamed I bought a new scale. The first time I stepped on it weighed me at 178. I was thrilled, but afraid to be too excited. Next time I stepped on it showed me at 300 something. Every time I got on the scale showed some wacky number.

Your post just reminded me of that. I think I dreamed that because during my training walk yesterday when I told the women I wanted to lose at least 55 more pounds they were stunned. Then they thought I said 116 instead of 160 for my goal weight. Everyone is beginning to notice that I've lost weight and that's fun. :-)

Sally said...

Okay, I need details about the scale! Brand name? Price? Sounds so cool! Measures hydration? Does it stick a needle in you to see how wet you are inside or what???

Mama Bear June said...

Sally, too funny! Nope, no needles. LOL It's called the Healthometer, The Doctor's Scale. It says that it uses a technique called Bioelectric Impedance Analysis to measure the body fat. "A harmless bioelectric current passes from the foot pads through the body. The current travels at different speeds through lean mass and body fat. The scale's microprocessor analyzes the impedance, or speed of the current traveling through the body." Doesn't say how the hydration is measured, but it must be something kind of similar. :-)