Thursday, May 31, 2007

BMI vs Body fat

OK, what's the difference? My digital scale measures body fat and says mine is fortysomething. (I won't post the words I say to it!) But my BMI calculates at 28.6. Anyone know the deal with that? Guess it's time to google. ;-)


Jessica said...

Your body fat content and your BMI are two different calculations, so they probably won't match... my digital scale says my body fat content is 28.7%... my BMI is 23.5 or something... the math is different and I'm not sure what, but I think BMI is like your weight divided by your height times something... and your body fat percentage is done entirely differently (I don't know how - I just know my scale does it automatically!)

Mama Bear June said...

OK, I did google it and body fat uses the dimensions of your circumference. Waist, hips, neck and height for women. For men it's abdomen, neck and height.