Thursday, May 31, 2007

Another weigh in - beginning numbers 205.4

Can I count today's weigh in instead???? According to the scale today, I've dropped TWO pounds since last week! Woohoo! One thing I struggle with is getting "stopped up" due to some meds I take. Even the 100oz or more of water I drink every day doesn't seem to help. So I like weighing myself after getting "cleaned out." Hope that wasn't TMI! LOL

OK, I'm going to go ahead and post numbers. Mostly because I weigh every day so I can't always remember what my weight was at the last check in! ;-)

Today's weight is 205.4 - yesterday was 207. Starting weight for the challenge was 209. So I'm down a total of 3.6. (The first week my math was off. I'd lost 1.8, NOT 2.8 - see why I need to post numbers? :-P) Last year I was over 230, but I don't think I stepped on the scale much until I started losing. I'm sure it was at least 235 or 240, but I'm counting 230 as the official starting weight. My goal is 155. At 5'11", I was pleased with how I looked at that weight and the size of clothes I was wearing. Due to my bone size, I MAY be able to get into a 10, but I'll be happy with a 12. I was up to 20-22 and am now at a 16. OK, there, I bared all. That wasn't too painful. LOL I think I'll go ahead and keep 207 as this week's weigh-in and then I've got a great head start on next week's loss!

I'm pretty faithfully following the high protein thing eating every 3 hours or so and it sure seems to be working. And I never feel hungry! I also get sunshine in the morning, drink tons of water and try to keep moving throughout the day. (Mostly tips from Flip the Switch by Robert Cooper - one of my favorite books.)


EllieMae said...

Thanks for visiting me!!
You sound like you are on the right track! Keep up the positive determination!

Becky said...

Hahahaha. I love that strategy for weighing too :)

Jan B said...

It sounds like things are going your way. As far as the "stopped up" thing, I like to drink a tall glass of metamucil smooth orange. I use two tablespoons and 12 ounces of COLD water, stir and chug it. I swear, it makes a difference. Not only are you getting fiber, but it tastes good and you end up having easy regular bowel stuff. A lot of dieters end up super constipated. I hate that. Sorry to give way too much into, but that's what works for me and frankly, I was surprised that it tastes so good. And not gritty.