Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Water Weight - what is it?

Did a google on water weight. This is what I found:

Water retention

Many average healthy adults experience some water retention and the accompanying weight gain that occurs. The day to day body weight fluctuations are commonly caused by the loss and gain in body fluid.

Its possible to retain up to five pounds of water weight retention and can easily be hidden within the natural fluid that surrounds cells ( extra-cellular fluid ). Heavier people may experience more water retention especially if their intake of processed, convenient food is high. For some it can be as much as eight to ten pounds of fluid retention if weight gain is quick say over the Christmas season.

There are a few causes of water retention but for many an increase in sodium through the diet ( mainly salt intake ) is a common cause and research suggests it may contribute to high blood pressure and other health complications. Sodium is present in virtually all food products so when a person consumes more food its inevitable they also consume more sodium. Weight gains are very often a combination of fat stores and water retention.

Water regain & weight loss

People who lose weight quickly usually experience some weight regain within a few weeks and very often this is due to some water replenishment.

When we restrict energy intake too much too soon in order to lose weight quickly the body is forced to use up stores of carbohydrates and breakdown protein in the muscles. As both carbohydrates and protein hold water in the cells a loss of these macronutrients also results in a net loss of water. As a result rapid weight loss can often be made up of 75% water loss. After the energy systems stabilize water is regained because some of the protein and carbohydrate stores initially lost are replenished. The water is drawn back into the cells thus gaining back a little weight.

It can be very confusing when one week you lose 4 pounds, the next week nothing. However remember that gaining protein in muscles increases lean body weight. More lean body weight increases our metabolism and help burn fat faster!

OK, found another really good website with great info on weight. It's called Why the Scale Lies (Hmmm, it doesn't show up until you put your cursor over it.)


Girl Gone Wild said...

OH! That's great information and it's exactly what happened to me! Lost 5 lbs the first week and only 1 lb the next. That's amazing. Thanks!!

Gretchen said...

I TOTALLY know where Palmer Lake is! You are living in paradise. I grew up in CO after age 9 and lived there till just 6 years ago when we moved away from the sun and into beautiful, but grey Seattle.

Thanks for the weightloss encouragement and the kind words on my blog.

Blessings to you and yours. Also, I do keep in mind that things are a matter of perspective. My son is lucky to be healthy. Sometimes a mama just has to have a good old rant. :)

I won't wish you luck in your goal, but I'll simply wish you many opportunities to choose well and bless your bod. I'm about 30-40 pounds from goal. But, at least I'm finally under (barely)my 9 month preg weight with my dtr (who is nearly 9!).

Mama Bear June said...

I think I'm still over my 9mo pregnancy weight when I had my 9lb10oz son 17 years ago! :-P But we were in Scotland and my weight was always given to me in STONES! LOL

Hope you didn't think I was telling you that it could be worse. I think you face some pretty big challenges and it certainly is normal for us moms to rant when we can't fix everything for our children. I think God understands that, too.

Gretchen said...

I think you should just move to Seattle and be my neighbor. Hugs to you, too!

Toknowhim said...

Thanks for the encouragement you left on my blog. Keep up your great work. See you around the blogosphere. Kim

Jen said...

Thanks for visiting my blog with encouraging words! Loved reading your water weight and to weigh... posts.

Hilaire said...

Great link, it was very helpful. The scale fluctuates a lot for me so it was very interesting to read. Good luck with your goals and thanks for the encouragement!!

Briana said...

Keep up the good work, and keep looking for the goal. You can do it!