Friday, September 7, 2007

My goal weight

I was so thrilled when Tales from the Scales chose me for their "Loser of the Week." Though I haven't lost much during this 18 week challenge, I have enjoyed the support and encouragement of the other ladies doing the May Day Challenge. When I sent my story, I included a photo of me at what I consider my ultimate healthy weight. So I figured I would put that photo here, too since some of you don't visit the TFTS site. If you are interested in this kind of challenge, do visit them because they are starting a new challenge to run through January.

Check it out - an elastic waistband, with the shirt TUCKED IN! This was early in 1997, right after Kendall had been diagnosed with CF. Doncha love the big glasses? ;-)

1 comment:

Sondra said...

LOL! I had some of those glasses too :)
Wow, just found your blog from tales from the scales and you two are looking great.