Tuesday, April 1, 2008

New photos

Will use this photo from September 2007 for my before photo when the Look Great in 2008 challenge first started.

And, today! I have kept this outfit in my closet forever, refusing to get rid of it because I love the embossed hot air balloons (which don't show up in the photo and the color is a much prettier pink than the photo shows.) I tried it on today and was thrilled that it fits! Inches lost since September:
Upper Abs - 1 1/2", Waist - 2", Lower Abs - 2 1/2", Hips - 1",
Upper Arms - 1" on both, Thigh - 2" on both, Bust - 1"
Weight loss - 11lbs, 12 on good days. ;-)
My son asked if these were pajamas, so I guess I won't wear the outfit out in public, except maybe to scrapbook or something where I want to be comfy. My sister said the pants are too baggy, so that's why I can't wear it in public. I'll take them in, but not too much because this fabric shows every lump and bump and I still have plenty of those!

Here's a photo from summer 2006. I've definitely come a long way, baby! This is such an ewwwww pic for me. I can't believe I'm posting it.


Nancy said...

WOW! You are doing GREAT! I love the pink outfit. They would be great to wear scrapbooking.

Keep up the good work!

Nancy said...

One more thing... if you are 5'11", how tall is your husband? I always thought you were shorter because your he is so much taller than you.

Heather said...

you are looking so great!