Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Measurements and inches lost

Just a reminder - I'm 5'11" tall.
November 22, 2005
Bust 41" Waist 39" Hips 45" Thighs 27"
March 4, 2006 measured more places
Upper Abs 37" Lower Abs 42" Upper Arms 14"

March 19, 2008
Bust 38" Upper Abs 31 1/2" Waist 32" Lower Abs 36 1/2" Hips 39" Upper Arms 12 1/2" Thighs 23"

So, inches lost:
Bust 3", Upper Abs 5 1/2", Waist 7", Lower Abs 5 1/2", Hips 6", Arms 3" on both, Thighs 8" on both
TOTAL - 38 inches lost! WOOT!

Starting weight 230(at least) and today's weight 190(give or take)
GOAL: 155lbs
Here's a post with before and after photos. But keep in mind that the after photo, I was still 10 pounds heavier and 11 inches bigger than I am right now. I will try to get a current photo to post with the weigh-in tomorrow. (Hubby has lost over 100 pounds.)

SOOOOOO, I'm really struggling with the arms thing. I started lifting weights a few months ago and wish I could see more results. But it's also encouraging to see how much I've lost off my thighs because my legs are my least favorite body part and I still hate how they look. So the numbers in black and white show me that I really have worked hard and done a great job. And that it really is worth it all!

If you don't measure yourself, I really, HIGHLY recommend it! :-)

And no, this is NOT an April Fool's joke! ;-)


Jan B said...

You're doing really well! I wish my measurements were changing, I am stagnant recently.

Heather said...

arms are a hard spot for me too! but you have done amazing!!! you should be so proud.