Thursday, April 2, 2009

Day 2 of SHSC

I'm feeling weird today. Not sure what it is, (Edit later - yeah, I know what it is, I'm PMSing!) but didn't get up early enough to workout so tonight I will go do the stationary bike downstairs and then some weight-lifting. Didn't get anything done yesterday earlier. I was down a pound today according to my son's scale. I don't like it not showing decimals, though. I could have lost just .2lbs or as much as 1.8! :-P

I changed my plan for lunch when we went to Safeway. My kids were getting lunch at the deli and I saw a tomato, mozzarrella, olive and artichoke salad tossed with olive oil. YUMMMY! Not sure on the calorie count, but it's all healthy calories, so I won't worry about it. Also had to pop into the Vitamin Cottage to get some PopChips. Darn you, prior fat girl!!!! LOL They only had BBQ and Original flavor, no salt & vinegar. So I had a 130 calorie serving of those with my salad. They are pretty good!

Later edit: I did 30 minutes on the stationary bike and my weight-lifting routine of 2 sets of 15 reps. Have only had 2 meals and once snack so far since I stayed in bed until after noon. My bad! ;-)
B: Cream of wheat+2T pecans+1/2oz dark chocolate, 2 dried plums
L: Tomato, mozarrella, olive, artichoke salad, BBQ Popchips, 2 Lowfat Fig Newmans
Snack: yogurt, dk choc covered almonds, apple, clementine, herbal tea
I'm about ready to go to bed, so I probably won't eat anymore today. It's so cold! We didn't get too much snow last night, but may get 6-12 inches Friday night/Saturday morning.


new*me said...

pms can really zap you! I have that to look forward to Easter weekend----maybe the bunny will cheer me up ;)

The salad you got sounds wonderful!

Sandy said...

I can't decide if I like decimals or not. I'm not good at math, lol.

Have a great weekend :)

KK @ Running Through Life said...

Yum on the salad! Good job at making wise choices and getting on the bike!

Christine said...

Totally feeling that "weird" PMS-y feeling myself today. :S

That salad sounds great! My Safeway was having a re-opening sale today and I made a killing on some Ahi tuna steaks. :D

Hope you like snow! Brr . . .

mak'n Changes said...

Well I'm proud of you! You still did an at home workout even though you didn't go to the gym. Keep mak'n it happen.