Monday, April 6, 2009

Motivational Monday

From Denise Austin:

Motivational Monday
Fit Fitness Into 15 Minutes!

Has missing workouts got you down? Don't beat yourself up! On those super-hectic days, take just 15 minutes to do something active. If it seems impossible to accomplish anything worthwhile in 15 minutes, think again! Even on days when you're pressed for time, you can do the simplest things to squeeze in some physical activity. Any workout is better than none! Try these ideas and feel great knowing that you're making progress toward your goals:

Take the stairs! Climbing a few flights will be just enough activity to get your heart pumping and leg muscles warmed up. Plus, you'll feel satisfied because you made the effort!

Go for a walk on your lunch break! Choose a lunch spot that's a few blocks away so you can take a brisk walk. If you packed a meal, reserve some of your break time to go outside and stretch your legs. Can't get out? Stroll the office!

Get a jump on things! No time to fit in a full-blown cardio session? Grab a jump rope for a quick one, or do a set of jumping jacks before hitting the shower in the morning.

Deskercise! If all else fails, you can still do some great stretching and aerobic moves while you're seated at your desk. Try a series of side-to-side head rotations, shoulder shrugs, arm circles, glute squeezes, and knee lifts. It's so easy, and you'll be done in only 15 minutes!

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Mrs. Sheila said...

Those are great ideas. Often I do squats while washing dishes. Yes, it looks funny, but by golly I will have a thigh gap for Christmas! :)