Thursday, April 9, 2009

Least favorite commercial EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ugh, I want to shoot my TV every time it comes on. What raises my ire so drastically, you ask???

Burger King's Sponge Bob rap. Seriously, I will never give money to BK again. If my kids want to eat there, they'll have to use their own money. (They are both underweight, so they can afford to eat high calorie crap!) ;-)

But for good stuff, here's a great link from Women's Health. Check out all of the best and worst lists. They are awesome.


mak'n Changes said...

I've never seen that commercial. So funny.

Lisa said...

It is a disgusting commercial! No more Burger King for me.

Bonnie said...

I haven't seen the commercial yet!

I tagged you on my blog today!

Ro said...

OMG.....I called my sister the other day after I sat there with my mouth wide open thinking I must have been hallucinating. That commercial is A MESS!

Sherre said...

I haven't seen that commercial yet. Sounds like that's a good thing, tho. I can't stand Carl's Jr. commercials - the messy burgers, etc. Guess I'll stay away fjrom both those fast food joints.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure if we are both thinking of the same commercial, I am deaf so I wasn't able to hear the rap, but my jaw literally dropped when I saw half naked women dancing next to the BK man. I COULD NOT believe they had such a risque commercial :o) what is the world coming to!!

Know what made me feel better?

That I don't eat from BK :)

~*Michelle*~ said...

Just blog hopping around...found you from Martha's (fly away birdie)...

I had to comment to tell you that I absolutely CANNOT stand any Burger King commercials...I have to change the channel...especially that creepy guy in the big head king outfit and then the dog is licking him.....*ACK!*

OK, talk soon~