Wednesday, April 1, 2009

New Challenge! Day 1 - 187

I'm joining the ladies at the Sizzling Hot for Summer challenge. I figured I could use some extra incentive to continue my good habits. My fancy scale did absolutely not like the camera. It reflected really weird and wouldn't show up on camera. Even tried it without the flash near the window. And every time I stepped on it, it said something different. It was weird. So I used my son's scale to get the photo and will use the same scale for the end shot.

I had to get up early for a doctor's app't, so my weight is higher than yesterday. Up 1.4 from yesterday to 187. :-P I stayed up way too late last night trying to get stuff together. Will post my 2 week menu when I get back from running errands.

2 Week Menu (mostly recipes and recommendations from the Flat Belly Diet - each meal or snack is 400 calories)
Day 1
B-Frosted Mini Wheats, banana
L-Turkey Wrap, Black Bean soup
D-Grilled chicken, red potatoes, green beans

Day 2
B-Cream of Wheat, pecans
L-Deli turkey, low-fat string cheese, grape tomatoes, olives
D-Amy's Organic Teriyaki Bowl

Day 3
B-Cherry Chocolate Waffle (best breakfast of ALL TIME!) ;-)
L-Strawberry Smoothie, dark chocolate
D-Garden burger, grape tomatoes, avocado

Day 4
B-Apple Cinnamon Waffle
L-Deli chicken, lf string chees, yogurt, macadamia nuts
D-Amy's Black Bean Enchilada

Day 5
B-Rice Krispies, 2 dried plums, 1/4c sunflower seeds
L-Smoothie, Dbl chocolate Vitatop
D-California veggie burger with avocado

Day 6
B-Cherry Chocolate waffle
L-Deli turkey, string cheese, grape tomatoes, olives
D-Grilled chicken, red potatoes, green beans

Day 7
B-Rice Krispies, almonds
L-Blueberry smoothie, raisins, pistachios
D-Kashi Southwest Chicken

Day 8
B-Cream of Wheat, walnuts
L-Deli wrap, green olives
D-Roasted Chicken, brown rice, steamed carrots

Day 9
B-Apple Cinnamon Waffle, walnuts
L-Peach smoothie, almonds
D-Kashi Mediterranean Pizza

Day 10
B-Frosted Mini Wheats, pistachios
L-Deli turkey, fat-free cheddar cheese, olives
D-Grilled chicken, red potatoes, steamed veggies

Day 11
B-Cherry Chocolate waffle
L-Strawberry smoothie
D-California veggie burger, avocado

Day 12
B-Slimfast High Protein Smoothie
L-Strawberry Fields Salad at Zio's
D-Kashi Chicken Pasta Pomodora

Day 13
B-Peanut Butter Toast, yogurt
L-Exotic turkey roll-ups
D-Grilled Chicken, steamed veggies, roasted red potatoes

Day 14
B-Tropical waffle
L-Spinach & black bean wrap
D-Lashi Black Bean Mango, pecans

My snacks are usually 2 Tbsps of some kind of nuts, fruit, and dark chocolate. Each snack is supposed to be 400 calories each, too. I usually eat 3 or 4 times a day. I strive for 4, but sometimes I just can't fit it in.


Diana said...

Challenges are a great way to stay on track!

Kyle and Darci said...

good luck with challenge...they always seem to help me stay motivated!!

Sassle said...

I'm so glad you are joining the challenge! I wish you much success!! It's so nice to know we're in this with others, it helps me stay on track knowing I'm not alone!

Anonymous said...

Boy am I glad you posted a comment on my blog because I did not find your name on Sheila's list... yet ;) we better remind her! :o)

You are brave to wear only a sports bra and then post a picture of it. I must say, you carry your weight well! I'd think you were in your 150's!

I look forward to losing weight together, it's lovely to have a friend!

Yes I am competitive (rolls up sleeves) so bring it on LOL!!

<3 Martha

Christine said...

Hey there. I am a late comer to the challenge and I wanted to come over and meet you. Glad to have found your blog. <3