Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Winter Storm Warning - AGAIN!

We may get up to 2 FEET of snow this weekend. Sigh. Enough already! It's supposed to be spring! We did enjoy a 65 degree day today. It can be interesting keeping your winter coat, sweaters and jeans out, but making sure you can reach the capris and t-shirts! :-)

Figured I would add a little to this post. I have to admit, I LOVE living here and love the snow. I know it won't last long at this time of year. We lived in San Antonio for 7 years before moving here (check out these photos of my PARADISE!) and I absolutely hate heat and humidity. So I'll take the snow in April over the months on end of triple digit heat. I LOVE the view out back, especially when the clouds come down to join us and our mountain disappears from view. I love the hummingbirds that flock to our feeders in May, continuing into the summer. I love having a fox under my deck (the reason our kitties are NOT allowed outside.) I love going out in the hot tub on a clear night when you can see billions and billions of stars. I love breathing the clean, thin air when my hubby and I walk around our neighborhood. My husband kept getting pressured to go back to TX and he told them no because he loves me and knows I'd pitch a total fit if we had to move back there. :-) There is a job that says if he's offered it, we'll have to go, but I will continue to pray that God's will is that we stay HERE! LOL And check out this place where I go scrapbook with friends.

Here's a health tip for today.
"Healthy" foods to skip

Weight today - 184.2 on digital scale, 183 on the challenge scale. Woot! Oh, and I made my goal of weighing LESS than my skinny hubby who lost over 100lbs in one year. Doing the happy feet dance. :-D


Herbalife Las Vegas said...

I am from upstate NY originally. I know how frustrating that can be.

Managing Life said...

Just think you can go skiing, snowmobiling, play in the snow. I know what you mean though with fluctuating temps.

Angie in TO said...

That just stinks! Mother Nature needs to let Spring come to stay and stop teasing!

MizFit said...

I seriously can NOT believe your winter.

It would take a lot for me to move back to Pa. from TX.

Im officially totally wimpy :)

Bonnie said...

Try to stay warm. We don't have the snow here, just the ugly wind and dust storms. My allergies are on overdrive!

Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

I agree with MizFit, I cannot believe how much snow & winter your getting! you are a trooper for putting up with it and staying positive!!

Kyle and Darci said...

snow in april is just NOT right!!

sending warm spring vibes your way!! :)

Ro said...

Wow. I can't imagine that this time of year. Try and keep warm and make the best out of it!

Squishy ! said...

Bah, crazy weather. *wink*

Selma said...

I was thinking that you must live in Michigan till I saw you live in Colorado. Hope the snow misses you! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Anonymous said...

Hi Friend -

I don't typically sign this blog, but I couldn't help being inspired by your wight loss as well as your wonderful words about "our paradise"!! I, too, LOVE living in God's country and wouldn't trade it for ANYTHING!! And a big congratulations on your weight loss -- you look fantastic!!
Stay safe and cozy during the storm!!
Sending warm hugs!

By the way, I am REALLY enjoying the sugar-free Dove chocolate -- I hid the package in my desk drawer so that I wouldn't have to share:-)

MackAttack said...

hello fellow coloradan, I have to admit I'm really hoping for a snow day tomorrow! A day off of work would be exactly what this week needs! I hope the snow doesn't disrupt your life too much!