Thursday, May 1, 2008

Health update

Today's weight - 190.4 so still going in the right direction. Yay! (And that's even with making chocolate every day!!!!!) :-D

Yesterday I had a chiropractor app't and talked with her about the thyroid thing. She said she'd recently attended a conference with endocrinologists and they have said that the thyroid blood panel usually run is a little too broad, so they are recommending more specific tests involving saliva and urine collection on specific days of your cycle. (Yuck!) She's doing it herself this weekend and is going to let me know how it goes and get me pricing info on it. (I won't be able to do it until mid-May or later.) She didn't want to suggest liquid iodine for me until I took those tests. I'd asked her about the liquid iodine because my sister talked to her chiropractor and that's what they recommended. I looked at it online and it's also good for fibrous cysts, which I'm also prone to, so it might be good for me anyway!

Got a call from the Academy app't line and have an app't with an ENT there on May 22. Fun times.

Pulled the muscle in my rib again last night after it had been feeling good. Rats. Just when I think I can get exercising again.

Testing to see if you can see the new Dove Chocolate at Home products.


Bev said...

WOOHOO on the weight! Yes I can see the Dove products also, so the link works. Have a great day!

Heather said...

great job with your loss...its one step closer!