Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wednesday Check In

I did do one rep with the weights yesterday. I use 7 1/2lbs right now. I also did ab crunches on my stability ball.

In the evening, I kicked my husband's butt in Scrabble. First word, I used all 7 tiles and I kept getting some pretty good letters. ;-)

This morning, I did 40 minutes, 2 miles on the treadmill.

Today I'm collecting saliva and urine for very specific hormonal panels checking out my thyroid at the recommendation of my chiropractor. What a fun project. :-P I have an app't with ENT tomorrow and I think I will ask them to wait before doing a biopsy on the nodule in my thyroid. After getting the results of these tests, I will probably be on an iodine supplement and that may make the nodule go away on its own. If I can avoid having a needle stuck in my neck, I would much prefer it.
Here are some good tips from Denise Austin's email this morning:

Strapped for Time?
Having trouble squeezing in your workout? Try these tips from other busy Fit Forever! members:

Set your alarm to go off a half-hour earlier than everyone else's, and get your workout out of the way first thing!

If a mad morning rush leaves you with no time, try getting everything ready the night before (including lunches packed and clothing set out).

Don't be afraid to delegate some household tasks to other family members and make time for exercise! You shouldn't try to do everything all by yourself.

Cut down on kitchen time by making double recipes and freezing half for a quick heat-and-eat meal another day!

Take your kids to a school or park and walk laps while they play or go on a bike ride together.

If you can't fit in one 30-minute walk, break it into three 10-minute jaunts throughout your day.

Tone up with fidgetsizes! Do butt squeezes in the elevator, leg lifts at your desk, leg squats while brushing your teeth, tummy tucks while watching the news, etc. Do what you can, when you can.

Think small! Even if it isn't a full workout, five or 10 minutes of movement is better than nothing!


Ritsumei said...

Way to go! I completely fell off the wagon the past while, but I've been clawing my way back on & I feel pretty good. Came to past on Tales from the Scales & realized that it's not there. I'm glad to see that you're still going too. Good luck this week!

Heather said...

hmm well if I woke up a half hour early to work out it would be 430! ick! lol I am going to opt for some of the other suggestions. great job this week with all your exercise!

Lora said...

First of all - way cool that you won the bike!! Secondly - I hold you in highest esteem for homeschooling your kids. (Really - i DO!)

Oh...and scrabble? We save all of of our old scores and date them. It brings us back each time we play and see the names....the handwriting....the notes we scribbled during the games...kind of a trip back in time (which means so much since first hubby went to be with the Lord 6 years ago.)

Slenderella said...

Congrats on the exercising and weight getting down. And the Scrabble win...I love to play Scrabble!

I like Denise's message of getting in any little bit of exercise is a benefit.

Stephanie said...

Hey thanks for coming by my blog and for your good wishes. A little bit of exercise is better than none, I agree. I wish I could get motivated to do even a little lately! Well, have a great weekend. Oh and congrats on kicking your husband's ass in scrabble.

Diana's Body Journey said...

Thanks for the tips :) It's good reminders that there's always a little time to work out...even if it's little things.

sybil said...

Great tips - thanks for sharing! My extra is that I try to tighten up my stomach and butt throughout the day. I need to get back to doing things while watching TV - even if it's just stretching or doing ab work.

Linda said...

Well done on the workout HEY! And the scrabble, us ladies might have smaller brains but you know the saying about smaller things comes in better packages...or whatever it is but WOW! BRIGHTER/WISER/INTELLIGENT things also come in prettier packages...teehee

I like the Strapped For Tme tips...BRILL!

Hugs xx

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for popping by my blog and offering your words of encouragement. I have now bookmarked your blog and will try to check your progress as well.

Many thanks,