Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thursday check-in

I got 4 dvds with my Bender Ball. The one I did the other day was the Pilates Bender Ball workout. Today I did the Level 1 and 2 core workout and the buns & thighs workout. (took about 50 minutes for both) Those are all on just one dvd. Boy, howdy, definitely feeling it! But it's a nice slow pace. Then tonight, went for a walk around the neighborhood for 25 minutes. I walked at a fast pace, my hubby didn't walk quite so far at his slower, hip-replacement pace and we met up again near home. Tomorrow will be super busy, so not sure if I'll get time to workout at all. Hubby has PT app't, we need to get ready for a chocolate party in the evening and it's in Denver. We're going early to have dinner with our friends that live on the same street as our hostess!

So for those who asked, yeah, I do like the Bender Ball, but I've just started with it. It's nice to have a variety of workouts to choose from.

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MargieAnne said...

Looking forward to hearing how the Chocolate Party goes. Sounds like fun but far too dangerous for me lol!