Monday, May 26, 2008

Medical update

I went to the ENT doc last Thursday. He recommended the fine needle aspiration of the nodule in my thyroid, but is willing to wait a couple months while I get the results of the tests I did on Wed and possibly a few weeks of treatment with liquid iodine. He said 80% of thyroid nodules are not cancerous, the 20% that aren't, 80% of those are benign. It's definitely solid, not a fluid filled cyst. I was grateful he didn't roll his eyes when I asked him how he felt about alternative medicine. :-D

Weight is spiking again, but it's the week before my period starts. I can tell because of the magnetic draw the cheetos in the snack aisle! LOL Lately it's been salty things I crave, not sweet.

Washed my windows yesterday. Is there anything more satisfying than clean windows????? Have lots of sore muscles today. And of course, it looks like it's gonna rain. Sigh.

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