Saturday, March 19, 2011

3/19 End of day report

Isagenix shake for breakfast
Snack of cocoa dusted almonds
Did 20 minutes on the mini-trampoline
Lunch was baked potato w butter only, rice and veggies, yogurt, 1oz of dk choc peanut M&M's
Supper was Isagenix shake (late and made me feel way too full!)
Didn't get 2nd snack in
Drank more than eight 8oz glasses of water
Going out to the hot tub for a while


Anonymous said...

I was curious what type of exercises you do on the mini trampoline? I have one as well, but other than bouncing, I'm not really sure how to "exercise" on it!!

Congrats on the weight loss and sticking to the Isagenix!! =)


P.S. Did you get much digi- scrappin' done yesterday??

Anonymous said...

sounds like another successful day! :)

Mama Bear June said...

Lynda, it came with a dvd with a workout on it. But lately I've just been bouncing from side to side or a slow jog in place. Sometimes I'll hold 5lb weights in each hand, too. And, yes, I did get another digi-project done! Still working on uploading photos, too.