Saturday, March 14, 2009

Dress for dancin

OK, here it is on me. The first one turned out pretty dark, so we took a closer photo. We didn't go dancing tonight, just out to dinner for my birthday. This afternoon Ken and I went to my nail salon and got pedicures. The owner and her hubby fixed us mimosas while our feet soaked. It was quite fun. The kids each got me a Kohl's gift card so I'm going to get some new bedding.


GF said...


Thanks for sharing -- enjoy your Birthday and ALL the celebrations :)

new*me said...


I must say, it must be all your dancer muscles but you look way less than your ticker indicates!

Gorgeous! Hurray for birthdays! The salon experience sounds decadent!!!!!!!!

Bonnie said...

The dress looks great on you. Hope you had a great birthday.

Hanlie said...

You look fabulous and I still love that dress!

Sandy said... my dreams but one day a reality, lol.

Glad you had a great birthday and you do look great :)