Monday, March 9, 2009

Healthy You Challenge

Saturday night we did quite a bit of ballroom dancing. My wrist really felt it the next day! But what was even worse was some woman came down on top of my ankle with her heel. It still hurts. Stupid cow! She didn't even apologize. Then yesterday we did an hour of practicing the waltz (my absolute favorite dance.) We're doing a routine with 3 other couples at a showcase in April. We're also doing a rumba by ourselves and practiced that for an hour this evening. Still trying to get the routine down.

Today's weight was 193.8, up a pound from Friday, BUT down 1.6 since last week's check in! I started my period this morning, so I'm not fretting about the gain since Friday. I've still been doing pretty good with my eating but I went back to the Anti-Bloat diet today and may stick to that for a couple days. It sure worked last month during TOM!!!!

Today I started my exercise routine again and yes, slowly! :-) I walked for 20 minutes and did weight-lifting with no added weights to the bars, so it is just 2 1/2lbs. (I normally walk for 30 minutes and use 7 1/2lbs per dumbbell.) I'll work my way up to 5. My surgery scar is looking pretty good. The wrist is still a little sore, but seems to get better every day.


Herbalife Las Vegas said...

Ballroom dancing must be fun, I haven't done that in forever. Great job getting some cardio and weight lifting in!!

Claudelle's Weight Challenge said...

Oooh what fun, I love dancing. It is so much fun and oh such a nice way to loose weight. All the best.