Thursday, March 26, 2009

Today's weight even lower - 186.8

186.8!!!!!!!! Woohoo!!!! It totally shocked me because last night the hungries really hit hard. I went over my 400 calories for my 3rd meal, but didn't eat a 4th, so I guess it balanced out. I really need to get an updated photo put up. Will work on that later.

Gotta go out and shovel snow. We're getting dumped on and are forecast to get 1-2 FEET through tomorrow. But my daughter will be coming home from work in the next hour or two and I want her to be able to make it into the driveway. She took my awd Journey, so she should be able to get up our hill OK.

I posted a snow photo on my family blog


Kyle and Darci said...

A fellow it!! The sister trip was GREAT!! I'm sure you're anxiously awaiting yours! :)

Oh and congrats on the exciting!!

Kelly said...

Congrats on the loss. That's fantastic. :)
You can't have's spring. haha :)

JanetM97 said...

congrats on the good scale news! :) and I can't believe that you have snow! Ouch!

MizFit said...

***congrats on the loss***

the snow? this Texan is amazing what a long winter it is up north this year.

spring is on its way----hold on :)

Diana said...


Wow about the snow. We're getting some of your snow now (panhandle of TX, so it's heading our way today). Couldn't have kept it, could you? ;)

Ro said...

Way to go!!!
You are on it Big Time.
Have a great weeekend

ani pesto said...

You're doing fantastically! Well done you :-)

Lora said...

Great job! But what's this about the snow???

new*me said...


We are getting the snow right now too but also in the form of ice so no one is out on the road today. I am ready for Spring to return next week which it looks like it will according to the weather man. Today was supposed to be the first day of baseball practice for my son. I am glad it's cancelled since he is still getting over this virus.

Have a great weekend! Stay warm ;)

Anonymous said...

...well gosh darn, my speech just went into Gomer Pyle mode ( tell me I am not the only old fart who remembers Gomer Pyle) and my body just went into Snoopy dance mode for ya. ( try doing that sitting behind a keyboard, will you...) So keep up the good work enjoy the snow. Nothing like springtime snowflakes and be good to yourself.