Monday, March 2, 2009

Healthy You Update

I just got home from Arkansas today. I'll weigh in tomorrow morning. (I'm pretty sure my splint adds at least a pound or two.) :-) Tuesday morning weigh in - 195.4. I'm totally happy with that after traveling and five days at Mom's. :-D I've probably lost a little since the splint is pretty heavy. There's a plaster board on the bottom side of my hand and forearm.

My wrist surgery went pretty well last week. I was awake during the whole thing and could hear the surgeon talking saying "I've never seen one like this before." Of course. Our family never does things the "usual" way. :-) I'm unable to lift more than 2 pounds and I can't drive until I get stitches out on Thursday. I was NOT happy when they told me that, but with the occasional pain, I guess it makes sense. I take Percocet only at night now, tylenol the rest of the time. I threw up the day after surgery and discovered that if I took the Percocet, I'd need to be resting and not moving around.

Thursday I flew to Arkansas to spend some time with my mom. Going through security at Denver, they gave me quite the going-over. I had my arm scanned about five different ways. I wasn't much help at Mom's, but it was good to just be there. It was definitely harder to stay on my diet plan, but I did pretty well most of the time. My sister and I made a little shopping trip to the health food store. I bought a stability ball while there, too and did some abs workouts. I've been too lightheaded to walk too far, but I hope to get back into that soon.


Skinny Inside said...

hope your wrist heals quickly! And, ugh, I hate flying!

Cammy said...

Glad you're on the mend!

(I have the same reaction to Percocet. Don't know how people get addicted to it. I'm just not a fan of that constant nauseous feeling. )

Hanlie said...

Don't do too much too soon! You've just had surgery... and even though it was only your wrist, general anaesthetic is always a major shock to the body. You must allow your body to recover from that!

Look after yourself!