Saturday, March 28, 2009

In the 80's - AT NIGHT!

No, I'm not talking about the temperature here in Colorado where it's currently 25. For the past couple nights, my weight has been in the 80's even at night, so I'm very psyched and motivated to keep going.

Yesterday the kids went to Denver for a con. They do cos-play. For those of you without young adult children, that's dressing up as anime characters. :-D

Hubby got home from California today and we met good friends for lunch after I picked him up at the airport. Had a salad at Ted's, had never been there before. They serve a lot of bison. No thanks. ;-) Then we went to our friends' house for dessert, I'd brought strawberries and Dove dark chocolate for fondue. I'd made a bunch of chocolate for the kids to take with them for this weekend and gave some of the molded candies and dark chocolate dipped mini pretzels to our friends, too.

Remember - dark chocolate is a MUFA and on the Flat Belly Diet, you need to have a MUFA at every meal! I can handle 4 servings of chocolate every day. ;-)


Kelly said...

What is MUFA? I'm trying to figure it out and it's driving me crazy. LOL

Mama Bear June said...

OK, from now on every time I mention MUFAs, I will try to remember to link to the Flat Belly Diet link that explains MUFAs so when new people come to visit, they will be able to find out about MUFAs. :-D

Wei Sic Meow said...

I say amen to the dark chocolate! I have a little piece most days too and it's rich enough that you don't need too much so I don't have to go crazy. I haven't heard of the Flat Belly Diet. I'll check it out.

Cammy said...

Sorry about the cold snap! I'll quit whining about my 50s now. (Even though it's also cloudy. *G*)

Way to go with sticking with your plan!