Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Healthy You check in

Had an early lunch today with some other women business owners. It was a lot of fun, but also a little weird. (Long story) Weight refuses to go down. Bleah, bleah, bleah. Been having the salty cravings that usually come a couple weeks before my period. Today I bought The Flat Belly Diet at Walmart. Maybe some new reading material will inspire me.

I did meet my exercise goals last week. 6 days of cardio, 3 of lifting weights. The muscles have been complaining some. :-D

I'm going to be unable to lift weights soon. I need to have a ganglion cyst removed from my wrist and I called the surgeon today to set a date for surgery. Her tech never called me back, though. I'm hoping to get it done early next week so I can recover quickly and get back on the ballroom dance floor. Our instructor wants us to do a waltz with 3 other couples at a showcase in April.


Bev said...

WTG on the exercise, that is impressive! :)

Lora said...

You're exercising! On the right track! The weight will follow if you keep at it.

Hanlie said...

Hang in there! You're doing great!

new*me said...

awww..complaining muscles........good for you!