Thursday, August 6, 2009

I have a referral

Finally heard about the results of wearing the holter monitor for 2 days. I got the print out from the cardiology clinic and it said something about complex tachycardia. Which basically means I have a fast heart rate. DUH! Today the nurse for my primary doc called and said she's referring me to a cardiologist. Not sure if it will be the one on base at the Air Force Academy or if it will be a civilian. If it's a civilian, I will get a letter from the insurance company in 10 days or so with a name and number to call to make an app't. If it's on base, they should call me to set up an app't. So I will be taking that next step to get evaluated, hopefully soon. I really don't expect them to find anything. But we'll see.

Hubby and I went to a ballroom dance lesson tonight so I got another hour of low-intensity cardio. Waltz and Rumba. It gets me winded when we are doing it constantly, but I notice it didn't record as aerobic steps on my pedometer. But the handbook warned that erratic steps or even going up and down stairs may not register. Whatever!

Got notice of the amount for Kendall's 8 day hospital stay that's being billed to our insurance. Can you say $98,261 and change? Can you say THANK YOU, LORD, for good insurance??? Oh yeah, I can!!!! A few years ago he was in the hospital for four weeks and that one was $220,000+. So grateful for our insurance. We meet our annual catastrophic cap within a couple of months, so from that point out, they cover 100%, even prescriptions. Whew!


Lynn said...

Hope you get the referral soon and can figure out what's going on!
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Bev said...

I know what its like to NOT have insurance - we are still paying on a bill from 2007 from my hospitalization for 13 days when we had no insurance. We have it almost paid off thank goodness and learned our lesson - we now have insurance!! =0 Glad that you have good insurance.

Annalisa201 said...

I hope things get solved, but you're smart not to expect much. It's very hard for doctors to diagnose heart problems. I have heart arythmia, which basically means my heart beats an extra beat every 20 or 30 beats, irregular... it could mean one of 1000 things really. My biological sister (I was adopted, never met her) has heart problems too, and they're trying to find out what exactly it is, but no luck yet, months later. Doctors had me on a monitor for a while, but when I started regular exercise, after a few months it gives me no problems now so just ignoring it at the moment. Someday I hope not, it may cause problems and I'll have to do more tests like you're doing sounds like. Good luck!!!

PS. Dance lessons sound awesome, my DH is watching me type over my shoulder and I'm nudging him about it :) He just chuckled... someday!

Diana said...

I hope they find out soon what's going on, but you're right. We've advanced medically so far, but there's still a long way to go!

Isn't insurance lovely? It's a peace of mind knowing that we can get help when we want. I spent several (5?) years without it and don't know how I survived!

Hanlie said...

Those figures made me nauseous! It's criminal - no wonder they wear those masks in hospital!

Did you enjoy the dancing?