Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bit of a rebellion

Sigh. I'm dealing with some anger against my body. Exercising almost every day and eating well doesn't seem to bring any results, so I find myself thinking, What's the POINT? and digging into the bbq chips or the Chips Ahoy. So it's somewhat of a self-sabotage. But I've had all these weird health issues come up when I'm living a healthier lifestyle than I EVER have and it's ticking me off! So I need some kind of kick in the pants to keep going, I think. Anyone have good kicking boots???? ;-D

OK, coming back to edit. I can't say there have been NO results, because I AM wearing a size 12 in many things. And everyone keeps saying I look younger and younger all the time. So I am getting SOME results and NSVs, but I guess I just want to see it on the scale, too.


Anonymous said...

"What's the POINT? and digging into the bbq chips or the Chips Ahoy."

I think it is the second part of the equation (the chips and dips) that is spoiling the first part.

I know at times we can go through a plateau and not always see results, but unfortunately logic dictates that we MUST keep to the healthy eating and exercise to get to where we want to be in the end.

Getting frustrated and then eating more does not help.

Oooooh, look at me .... it's so EASY to see somebody else's solution so logically, and yet always much more difficult to solve our own!

Best wishes Mama Bear June -- get back on that wagon + ditch the chips and dips!

Lainie said...

Maybe you should toss that scale? Keep looking for other successes--you're doing great!

Diana's Body Journey said...

Step away from the chips. Let me tell you, they did no good to me this weekend! Just made me feel crappier. It's like an abusive relationsihps...ya, they're good while it lasts but they make you feel and look crapier than any good feelings!

I know what you mean though! I've been battling the same things. You got to a size 12...the weight will come off soon. It's just going to take time.

You can do this! We have faith in you and are in this with you.

(I was just thinking of tossing my scale as well as lanie suggests...I may do it just yet!)

Stephanie said...

Keep going - you're doing fine. Try varying the intensity of your workout - that often helps push me past a plateau. Also (I know, this sounds like a stupid wive's tale and probably is...) drink lemon water, as in squeeze lemons into your water and slam. Especially later in the day. Works every time to budge me past a hold up. Good luck - stay positive. And a few chips ahoy are not going to kill you - just make stuff take a little longer. Hope your health woes improve.

Sarah said...

Get the Body by God book...it got me to realize that eating is not supposed to be entertainment or an emotional band-aid or whatever...it was created to be fuel for our bodies!! I had a friend ask me what I was eating and I told her some of the things and she said "That doesn't sound very exciting." to which I replied, "It's not supposed to be. It's fuel to get me through the day." It made a huge difference and I dropped 10 pounds in 6 weeks.
I'll send you the week by week action steps that got me going. Week 1 is to add 5 foods by God to your diet each day...you don't have to stop eating anything...just add 5. Because you are already exercising you don't need to do the add 10 minutes of exercise 2X in a week....also, add in more spiritual time...read your bible, pray and listen.
love you sis!!

Manuela said...

I'm the same way--self sabotage because that stupid scale isn't rewarding my with the numbers I want.

But, at church on Sunday I got all sorts of compliments so like you it's showing so let's get out those boots and kick our scales instead of ourselves!

Julie said...

Wow, I can definitely relate to your frustration! I had months of it and for the exact same reasons as you... "I'm living a healthier lifestyle than I EVER have and it's ticking me off!"

I feel your pain!! The thing that changed it for me was that I started counting calories. WOW, that made a huge difference for me.

Good luck! And a size 12 ROCKS! I hope to be there soon. :)

Heather said...

aw hang in there. I would feel the same way. I know my aunt did when she was diagnosed with breast cancer, and she is the healthiest person I know (eating right, exercising,etc.). but just think, even though it may seem like your body is fighting you, the healthy eating will help you fight back.

Irish Mom said...

Self sabotage is a problem for all of us, or else we wouldn't be here blogging about our struggles and giving support to each other. We need to stop this and look at the positives.

People are telling you that you look younger, that would be worth more to me than 5 pounds gone. People pay tons of $$ to look younger, and here you are doing it for free!!

I know, easy for me to say lol. People are notiving your changes and that means so much more than numbers on the scale.

I hope you have a great week & hang in there!!

Sarah said...

I like IrishMom's post...she's right. You are doing great...if the scale is giving you fits...out it goes!! Who cares!! Just make sure those size 12 don't get too tight. Just think of the health issues you would be having if you weren't this healthy. I've known "health nuts" that have gotten sick as well but then I realize if they weren't as healthy as they were, their bodies wouldn't be able to fight whatever comes their way!! I am healthier today than I've ever been and I know if something comes along, my body will be in it's best shape to fight it...focus on the positive. You are doing GREAT!!!!

Cammy said...

Shoot. You would ask for boot kicks in summer, when I have only flip flops with which to inflict any damage. :)

It's hard when the scale won't cooperate, but there's nothing to do but endure it. I'm so happy you see the truly good results that you've achieved and that you're staying on the right path!