Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Healthy You Challenge weigh in

Yesterday was a little busier than I expected, so I'm a day late. Weight today was 191.8. Down from last week, but I didn't post it, so I can't remember the exact amount. Today was our first chance to sleep in a bit in quite a while, so it felt good. We've designated today as a DOWN day with no making of chocolate or running around. :-)

Found out that the liquid iodine I've been taking is not nearly enough to get my levels back up. My chiro checked with the chemist at the lab where they do the testing and I'd have to take 300-400 drops to get the amount I need! So she's looking for some tablets to get for me.

Tuesday exercise - 40 minutes on stationary bike in the morning, 50 minutes cardio in the evening doing intermediate waltz lesson.

From Denise Austin today:
Bust That Plateau!
Are your results slowing down despite your devotion to the plan? Try these tips to get things moving again:

* Make sure you're not skipping meals. If you deprive your body of the food it needs, you'll activate a starvation response and your body will hold on to every ounce!
* Stop getting stressed by the scale! Muscle weighs more than fat. Water fluctuations can add pounds, too! Instead, use a tape measure or how your clothes fit as your guide.
* Switch workout strategies! If you've been walking, shake it up with biking or swimming. Always using the same machines at the gym? Try something new. Snap your body out of its routine!
* Pick up the pace by adding 15 more minutes to your workout or going up a notch on each weight machine.
* Keep track in your Journal. Are little snacks adding up to extra calories? Follow the plan exactly and measure out portions! Don't guesstimate!
* Drink your water! Make eight to 10 glasses a day the minimum!

Your plateau will soon be a memory!


Grumpy Chair said...

Yay to the weight loss!

I have never tried the iodine supplements. I inquired about it years ago when I was first diagnosed with the goiter and she (my doc) told me it would make my goiter bigger. So needless to say, I steered clear of it. I will be interested in watching your progress with the iodine.

Anonymous said...

Well done on the weight loss and your exercise schedule sounds awesome!

Diana's Body Journey said...

Good job lady :) Keep up the good work.

kikimonster said...

Thanks for posting that plateau advice. I have lost inches since this plateau started but it is SO FRUSTRATING not to see those numbers go down.

Cammy said...

Way to go on the exercise! I probably should consider taking some sort of dance class. I'm just afraid it will show up on YouTube or something. :)

Anonymous said...

WTG on the loss! Enjoy the R&R! Thanks for the Plateau tips!

Heather said...

congrats on your loss and for the exercise!

Sarah said...

Thanks for the plateau tips...I realized my weight hasn't budged lately because I haven't been eating. We have been on the go so much that and I haven't been prepared by having healthy snacks with me so I've just gone without! I'm back on track with healthy snacks in the van and if I'm hungry, eating half of something not so healthy is better than not eating at all...So glad school is out for the summer!!!! I just hope being home all the time doesn't present new challenges.

Slenderella said...

I just tried a Denise Austin exercise DVD. It's a mix of strength and cardio. The strength section for arms and legs was really good - I'm feeling it.

Yup, sometimes we need to shake things up and try something new.

All the exercise you're getting, you'll be out of the 90's soon. :-)