Thursday, June 19, 2008

Thursday check in

Continuing to get my exercise, but have pulled back on the cardio a bit this week. My ankle has been sore. Back down to 190.8 this morning, which surprised me because I had very little sleep last night. Went to bed at a decent hour, but laid there completely and totally awake, so I got up at 1am and had some herbal tea and a small glass of wine. And got to watch some silly TV with my kids and hear them laugh. I always love that! Went back to bed at 4 and still laid there for quite a while wide awake, but finally dozed off and had REALLY weird dreams.

I don't THINK I'm worrying about the doctor stuff. I was surprised to get calls from the specialists with appointments for next week. So they are moving quickly on this and I thought, "Hmmm, should I be worried?" But I'm not gonna. My husband said he's pretty worried about the lung thing, but won't obsess about it with me.

I got my iodine pills yesterday and started those. SO I was wondering if that was why I couldn't sleep - with all of the new supplements I'm taking. It had some funny stuff written on the insert that I'll go into later. It's a HUGE dose compared to what you read about on the supplement websites that have liquid iodine, which is 75mcg. I'm taking 50MG per day!!!! My chiropractor is taking that much, too. So that helps.

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