Thursday, June 5, 2008


Talked briefly with my chiropractor today, will be going in for in-depth test results on Monday morning. According to the hormone panel I had done, I AM deficient in iodine and I AM estrogen dominant. (I'm also perimenopausal and no longer ovulating.) We'll discuss what it all means and the treatment options on Monday. But I did already get the liquid iodine and started using it as soon as I got done with the collection of saliva and urine for the detailed panel.

So there may very well be a physiological reason for my inability to lose weight. And maybe it will just start falling off once I start treatment? Hey, a girl can dream, can't she? ;-)

And, you know, I have to wonder how many women out there have a "totally normal" thyroid blood panel, but have these other things going on that the blood tests don't target?? I'm going to wait a few weeks before scheduling the ultrasound/fine needle biopsy of the nodule in my thyroid.


Grumpy Chair said...

Are you going to be taking synthroid?

I have Hashimoto's thyroiditis and have several nodules. I get an ultrasound every year and had the needle biopsy in Dec. 2006.

I know that might be why I gain weight quickly, but I also know I can and have lost weight, though it is slower.

The ultrasound will measure the size of the nodule and the biopsy is a piece of cake. Only problem is afterwards for about a week you will look like you have a big hickie on your neck.

Good luck and hope you get good news. I will be thinking about you so let us know when you have your needle biopsy.

Diana's Body Journey said...

You'll be in my thoughts. I hope you get the medical treatment that you need. It will make all the difference.

Thanks for the inspiring me on my blog. Life is a struggle sometimes, isn't it? Your story and words reminded me that I'm certainly not alone...we are all in this struggle together. Your strength is admirable.

browynnath said...

I have hypothyroid (7 years now) and as long as you take your pill every day (if you are going to need one), things will be fine when the doctor gets the dosage right. You might want to look into seeing the kinds of things to take and avoid with thyroid health issues. :) Exercise always helps too!