Friday, June 20, 2008

Friday Check in for June Exercise Challenge

Keeping up with the exercise. Have the 3 days of strength training. Just 201 minutes of cardio this week. But 6 days of exercise for the week. I took Sunday as a day of rest again. My measurements are still the same. But I can definitely tell that the buns & thighs workout from Bender Ball is really working.

I got a pedometer yesterday. As of 9:30pm tonight, I have walked 12,001 steps, 6.25mi, burned 664 calories over 2:37. I never realized how many steps I take around my house before I leave for the day! It was quite eye-opening. Oh, and it's a talking pedometer and scared the crap out of me more than once throughout the day! LOL

I posted the original update this morning. SO I guess I should officially add at least 30 minutes more cardio. We took a brisk walk around the neighborhood this morning. It got brisker on the way back when the lightning started! LOL


Sarah said...

I'm guessing this will all help figure out if your thyroid is working, etc...but it just seems so complicated! I'm just trying to start moving more and the thought of keeping track of it all stresses me out ...I need something to motivate me to move though!!
I am excited about the skirt I wore to church's a long khaki skirt from Maurice''s been hanging in my closet since who knows when because I haven't shopped at Maurice's in the last 12 years or

Irish Mom said...

Isn't the pedometer addicting?!?! I find myself checking it all day & telling people how far I've walked!!