Saturday, June 28, 2008

Exercise Challenge

Yesterday was a little hectic so I didn't make my check in post.

260 minutes of cardio
3 buns & thighs workouts, 1 with upper body
6 days of exercise

Measurements are the same, but I just started my period so I'm a little bloated. :-P Weight hasn't gone down either. Still doing the yo-yo thing all week. Feeling a little yuck today with the start of a migraine and back cramps.

I'm super, super happy, though. Cuz last night I went to my Weekender's friend's house and got well over $1000 of their fabulous clothes for just $230. For those of you who don't know, Weekenders was a direct sales company with great women's clothing. They declared bankruptcy a couple of weeks ago so all of their coordinators are out of business. So last night was several coordinators putting out their inventory and selling stuff at really great prices. I was able to get several pieces in smaller sizes (YAY!!!!) I took along some Dove Dark chocolate martini mix for consolation. It was much enjoyed. ;-)


Anonymous said...

OMG it sounds great that you've gotten all those clothes at a great discount! I know that changing sizes can be expensive ;)

I really should have done the workout challenge and started tracking the hours I'm actually working out.

LOL does moving furniture count as strength training or cardio?

Diana's Body Journey said...

How great is that!! Sorry for you friend, but what a great deal you go.

Great job on working out! You kick butt :)

The Better Idiot said...

Lucky you! I need some new clothes desperately, but I jsut don;t fit into Japanese sizes so I'm having to wait until I go home for a visit next month.

Anonymous said...

it is amazing to hear from you!! i hope everything works out and you are able to get out of your plateau! stay strong you are amazing!!!

Anonymous said...

Are you sure that Weekender's went bankrupt?? Their website appears that they are still going strong and doing business as usual.....

I am jealous that I missed out on Dove chocolate AND Weekender's!!!!!


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Irish Mom said...

I love a bargain!! Awesome workout!!