Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Lots of health news

OK, first I'll do my Healthy You Challenge check in. Weight has been inching up again, but it's that time of the month so that's par for the course for me. Still keeping up with exercise and eating pretty healthy. We had a busy weekend with our pistol course so that can be hard on the diet, but for my one meal of the week where I can eat anything, I enjoyed the salad bar and 3 yummy, yummy bread dips at the Italian restaurant we all met at after the long day on the range. (I'll post more details on that experience on my family blog.)

Saw a GI doctor yesterday and the one thing I didn't think was a big deal (diverticulum behind the stomach - no symptoms at all) has turned into two procedures. I have to have an endoscopy due to years of heartburn and a colonoscopy due to years of constipation. Urgh. My paternal grandpa had colon cancer when he was rather young. So that definitely ups my risk factor.

I love my pedometer. I never realized how much I walk every day! I'm recording it every day in my food journal, too.

OK, I know I shouldn't do this on my HEALTH journal, but I have been telling you the benefits of dark chocolate and you read the info on the websites, RIGHT????? ;-) So I wanted you all to know a
bout our really cool June customer special with Dove Chocolate at Home. It's just $40 (plus shipping and tax), regular $56, so it's a 30% savings! Shipping on one special is $10 - they send it UPS, 2nd day air, so it gets to you fast and in great shape. If I get 5 people to each order one of these, I can draw a name to give someone the $25 in FREE product and 1 half price item for the hostess benefit. If you want to get 5 of your friends together to each order one, I'll give YOU the hostess benefits. If everything is shipped to one person, shipping is only $7 per order.

This special includes some of our yummiest product. The Mousse mix (MY personal favorite) and dark chocolate to make it, plus some leftover, the Truffle Fudge Brownie mix (my husband's personal favorite) and the Double Chocolate Chip Cookie mix (which my kids really love!)

But I have to get the order in by Sunday. If you want to email me at Junes_Chocolate@yahoo.com, you can do that. Give me your full address, phone number and let me know a good time to call you to get credit card info. We take M/C and Visa only. :-D I win a challenge if I can get 2 more parties in by Sunday so PLEASE help me!!!! :-)


Diana's Body Journey said...

You'll be in my thoughts...I hope you get an ok and that they're just being cautious.

Good for you for keeping on track!! I'm realizing that it's really hard (at least for me), so cudos :)

Slenderella said...

You are so busy keeping your body healthy. Hang in there! I love your attitude and that you keep going despite what the scale says.

Manuela said...

I adore dark chocolate and will be back to visit when some money starts to roll in instead of out!

I wish you the best with your procedures. My mother gets a colonoscopy every year and she said it's not too bad. Preventive care is so important!

Take care of yourself always.

Heather said...

congrats on healthy eating and exercise this week! dont worry, I am always up during TOM as well.

Lainie said...

Good luck with the health issues. I wish you the best.

Irish Mom said...

I love checking my pedometer throughout the day!!