Saturday, June 28, 2008

Cycle smart

How did Denise Austin know I just got a bike???? ;-) Here are her tips:

Cycle Smart!

Taking a bike for a spin — indoors or out — is a great way to get active and burn calories, according to the experts at the University of Texas Medical Center. However, they say that thanks to cycling's popularity, injuries are on the rise. So be careful! If you plan on going for a bike ride, they advise the following:

* Wear a helmet when biking outdoors.
* Adjust your bike for a proper fit. Too low seats or handlebars can strain your knees, back, neck, arms, and wrists. You don't want this!
* Check pedal resistance. Too much resistance strains your quads and knees, while too little can hurt the back and pelvis.
* Wear padded shorts and make sure the seat is a good fit to avoid saddle soreness.
* Minimize blisters with shoes and socks that fit properly and absorb moisture.
* Stay hydrated! Drink water on rides lasting less than an hour. Bring along sports drinks or energy bars on longer rides.


Cammy said...

Thanks, June! I'm going on a bike ride tomorrow, so these will come in handy!

Diana's Body Journey said...

What great timing! How funny.