Sunday, May 3, 2009

Looking ahead

I liked this list on Mrs. Sheila's blog, so figured I would make my own plan for May.

What are your goals for the month of May?
I would love to lose 10 more pounds by the end of the challenge. Will do cardio six days a week and strength training 3x a week. Must have one day of rest.

How do you plan to accomplish these goals?

Getting it done first thing when I get up. Sometimes my walk will be with hubby after he gets off work, though.

If you had problems in April, what will you do differently this month to ensure that nothing gets in your way and that your goals are met?
Well, a death in the family is an unexpected and unavoidable stress-maker with traveling and lots of comfort food available. I did pretty well even during that period, but will keep active to let the exercise decrease the stress.

What did you learn about yourself in April that will help you reach your goals this month?
I am able to keep up my healthy habits even under great stress, but am realistic enough to know that it's OK to have an occasional treat or a meal that is not completely on track with my 400 calories per meal.


foolsfitness said...

It's interesting, this must be some universal time of reflection as I just posted a blog that set some of my goals.

April was the start of the serious get fit and start tracking it all in a blog for me. I think this month will be about refinement, learning portions, starting to track food more and make better choices, setting gym workouts in a more solid manner.

But being an artist I tend to be more vague and big picture centered. I tend to buck against systems, that sometimes works as the creative artist, but having specific plans and goals might be more useful in some places too.

but having vague goals is just the foolsfitness was!-Alan

Laurie said...

Hi, I'm new at journeling my PRE WLS stuff, but love your blog very much and I can always learn from everyone:)


Sunny Days said...

Nice picture of you...cute capris and your hair looks great too! Great blog about setting goals....I need to think more about doing that than just going day to day.