Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Read an article in a Reader's Digest while waiting with my daughter for an app't this afternoon. It mentioned a study where one group of women walked or jogged 5 times a week. Another group replaced two of those workouts with strength training. Even though the ones who did strength training actually did 30% less cardio, they did 7% better on cardio endurance tests and lost 2% of their body fat. Those who did only cardio LOST NONE! (Emphasis mine.) There was some other info, but I can't remember the rest of what it said. Something about your muscles continuing to burn calories after the workout is done. Yadda yadda, we should all know that by now. I was tempted to tear out the page, but my conscience won that battle. ;-)

So when you hear again and again and again that you need to add strength training, not just do cardio every day, BELIEVE IT! And just DO IT!


Diana said...

:( Cardio is so much easier. Oh, well. More enjoyable too. Suck it up, right?

Jenn said...

I actually like doing weights - it make me feel stronger. Its the cardio I can do without!
I think if you have a bit of both, you're headed in the right direction.

Omega said...

cardio and weight lifting are the keys!!

Lisa said...

I'm with Jen... I love love love strength training. I love the way my abs feel tight, my muscle tone is so much better than flab. It's the cardio I have the hardest time with doing...LOL.

And yep, you are correct... the lean muscle continues to burn calories even if we are resting... :)


tisha said...

I just read on another blog this morning about the benefits of weight/strength training. It's not new information to me, but it's something I needed to read today. Goal for next week is to get started on it pronto!

Hanlie said...

I actually quite like both, so I'm good!

Teena in Toronto said...

With cardio, you are burning calories as you are doing it.

With strength training, you continue to burn calories for up to 24 hours afterwards.

Plus, as we get older, we need to do it to keep our bones strong.

I do both.

Jillian said...

hey there! i saw you commented on my friend sandra's blog (fitnhealthybyfifty) so i came to check yours out. you definitely sound like you've got the right idea with strength training--it's SO effective! a few weeks ago, i finished up a 90-day strength training program and it really got the ball rolling for me. i got amazing results, so it's obvious that strength training really does work!

come check out my blog if you want more information =]

keep up the good work!,

Coach Jillian said...

agh, sorry, i was signed in under the wrong e-mail address. THIS is my blog! (coachbutterflyx17 if it still doesn't work, haha.)

Bev said...

Woohoo for weights! :)

GF said...

I never would've believed it -- but after doing circuit training 2 days per week for 90 days? I whole-heartedly agree.

In fact, it's my goal for the next 90 days to work in 3 days per week. That's how MUCH of a difference it's made!

Balance for each of us is different, but I believe in a combination of both cardio/strength!