Sunday, May 3, 2009

What a week!

It's been an INSANE week. Had to scramble to get the gauze overlay skirts made for our waltz by Thursday evening. Not my best sewing projects, but they looked OK when we performed last night. Then my hubby's 50th bday party was Friday night and since Safeway had no fun designs for cakes, I made a yummy trifle with my Dove Chocolate mousse and Truffle Fudge brownies. SOOOOO good. I took a pic, I'll post it later. It was a fun party, his friends got him all kinds of gag gifts for "old-timers!"

Then I had to get my skirt done on Saturday and decided to find an elastic belt to sew the gauze to instead of making a waistband, which was a total pain on one of the others I made. I was also supposed to shorten my dress by 7 inches, but there was so much material, and just not conducive to making a hem. Total nightmare. Decided my dress would just be longer than the others! Couldn't find a good applique, so I got a black and silver boa to put around the neckline of my dress. I sewed that on while in the car on the way to the dance! Went to put it on and I hadn't stretched the neckline enough, so the thread snapped. Sigh. Such a stressful day. My daughter helped me pin the boa at the shoulder and I looked fabulous! ;-)

After my weight being up all week, it's back to 183 this morning. Whew, that's much better. I figured it would sort out after the traveling, stress, etc. I'd like to lose at least another pound by check in days this week, so I'll get busy with my workouts again. I had to give myself a break this past week. Oh, and Thursday night my hubby and I went to Carrabba's for dinner. I had a salad with grilled chicken, but splurged on the drink, getting a pomegranate martini. Oh, my! It was quite yummy. Had a mini tiramisu for dessert, too.

I'm pretty sure all of our dancing last night burned off the calories of a few days! :-) We had such a good time and really enjoyed our waltz routine with the 3 other couples. We video taped it and if I can ever figure out how to upload our videos, I'll post it on YouTube. Haven't viewed it yet, so don't know how well it turned out. OH, and our 21yo daughter did a tango and she and her partner were FABULOUS! We are quite proud!

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